I started very young in origami at age of 5. Moving into painting and photography during school set the artistic direction. I learned working creatively with wood, metal and plastic with my father in the business of custom remodeling and handcrafted playgrounds. While helping my father in the business, I continued painting and moved into ceramics during college and, then transitioned to sculpture. I started working in aluminum, later in bronze, and ultimately found the everlasting properties of stainless steel with its brilliant reflection to suit my needs. In 2002, I established Rykan Expedition, Inc. and started combining landscaping, water fountains and outdoor sculpture. In 2011, I launched Schmidt Gallerie for a year in my hometown Little Rock, Arkansas showing all my sculptures exclusively, and then completely relocated to Los Angeles after.

My thoughts go toward brilliant, organic and transformational art. Movement is an important aspect of the overall form. My focus now is monumental public sculpture with atmospheric reflections of environment, movement of the clouds, sky and the ever changing seasons. This reflection is portrayed in through the sculptures and received by the viewer for inspirational thoughts and healing.

Ryan T. Schmidt in Action
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"Rain of Faith" People's Choice Award

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